The story so far

The adventurers met in the city of Albinkirk, being summoned there by Sir John Crayford, the kings officer. They were tasked in finding the Lord of Ravens Hill, old Sir Ebben Locke, which reportedly had been abducted just before the Albinkirk elections were due to be held. 

The adventurers traveled north to Ravens Hill where they eventually recovered Sir Ebben, after they discovered that he had been abducted by a hill tribe,  probably aided by Jean de Vraily and his Black Company. Sir Ebben remained to find his lost family, while the adventurers traveled south to Albinkirk to vote in Sir Ebbens stead. While traveling south they were watched, but they didn't discover by who. Just north of Albinkirk they came upon a sacked caravan. Inside they found the arms of a Lawthorn knight, which they later found out was Sir Gerold of Heartshire. They returned his arms to Lawthorn agents once back in Albinkirk

Once back in the city, they waited for the elections to take place. They day before the elections, Jean de Vraily with some of his Black Company marched into Albinkirk, on what he claimed to be upon invitation from the King of Alba. The significance of this became apparent when the new elected mayor Berold Tombend, relieved Sir John Crayford of his command, and instead put de Vraily in charge. Sir John was exiled from the city, in addition to all of his men that would not swear allegiance to de Vraily. In an outburst of utter disbelief and frustration, some of the adventurers publicly accused de Vraily of misconduct, which earned them some days in prison, a public display if guilt which they were forced to withdraw their accusations, and a banishment from Albinkirk. 

The adventurers traveled west to the village of Hawk, following instructions given to the by Sir John before he left Albinkirk. There they were instrumental in establishing a new base of operations for the Protectorate. In order to gain support for their cause of a re-election in Albinkirk, they were ordered to vist lords of the realm. First out was Baron Celwyn Lawthorn, the liege lord to the knight that was abducted by de Vraily. They traveled to Ynys Trebes to meet with Lord Celwyn, and was given the task of "putting it where their mouth is", and retrieve Celwyns lost knight from the most likely captors: the Black Company. If not found there, it would be a danger that Lord Celwyn would find their accusations against de Vraily false or not realistic. 

The adventurers traveled north again, towards Lissen Carak, and a days ride south of the massive fortress they found remnants of a large camp. 

The story so far

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