Alba is a feudal kingdom rule by King Rowland Hawthor and Queen Desiderata. The capital is the city of Harndon] to the south; other major towns include Lissen Carak and Albinkirk both in the north of kingdom. Its currently divided into two duchies,Albin and Brogat, and one large provincial region governed by the Warden of the North, called the Northern Provinces

The kingdom is split by two major rivers; the Albin River from north to south, and the Cohocton from east to west. The Albin River flows from the hills north of Albinkirk, and then snakes it's way south to reach the sea near Harndon. The great highway lead north south between Albinkirk and Harndon, with seven bridges over the snaking river; Lorica, Cheylas, Third, Kingstown Bridges and three others.

The region to the north of the Cohocton although civilised, still suffers sporadic from attacks from the Wild. Beyond the northern region are the Adnacrags mountain range, and the Wall which forms the formal border with the Wild.

Alba has ties — both martial and economic — with its neighbours Galle, and the Empire of Morea.


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