Gerold of Heartshire

Knight in the service of House Lawthorn


Gerold is a knight of House Lawthorn, and one of Lord Celwyn Lawthorns most trusted men. He was on a mission in Albinkirk when he, in the process of defending his caravan from attack, was taken prisoner by members of the Black company. Sir Gerold cut down three men before he was subdued.

Jean de Vraily kept Sir Gerold as a hostage in case he needed leverage in the upcoming Albinkirk elections, but Sir Gerolds master, Lord Celwyn Lawthorn, voted for the right candidate anyway. After the elections, Sir Gerold continued to be a hostage by the Black company, until he was rescued by the party just south of Lissen Carak.

Hearing about plotting concerning Galles ambitions in Alba, Sir Gerold agreed to partly rally to the Protectorates cause by first of all traveling south to his lord to get him to demand a re-election in Albinkirkwhen the time is right, and secondly, to try and get his lord to appoint him with the task as a liaison between his house and the Protectorate.

Sir Gerold was last seen by the party in Lissen Carak as they left to the east.

Gerold of Heartshire

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