Lissen Carak

Lissen Carak is a large fort in the north of the kingdom of Alba, nearly the size of a small city. The fort is surrounded by rich farmland and outlying villages. It is on the north bank of the Cohocton River and has a fortified bridge over the river. To the north of the cities hinterland are the Adnacrags, two hundred miles of dense mountains.

The fortress is named after the abbey nunnery that situated inside its walls. The nunnery is led by Abbess Nimue and has some sixty nuns and sixty novices. The Order of Saint Thomas has a garrison there responsible for keeping peace and making sure that any heresy is not left unchecked. Sir Goeff is the current Knight Captain in charge. 

The town has an important great fair of the North market fair every year. Merchants and drovers travel from all over Alba, to trade at the fair, and buy the local supply of grain.

The abbey itself is truly a fortress with a fortress, with high sheer stone walls and towers at each corner. The courtyard within is thirty paces across, as big as any castle. The fortress contains a church, stables, and the central monastery itself.


Lissen Carak

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