The Traitor Son Cycle

Loot list
Item Context Magic? Properties Value
Longsword   Yes +1  
Full plate   Yes +1  
de Vraily-tabard Pledged to return it to his family. (Honor points)      
Potion 1 Fangetransport Yes Cure moderate  
Potion 2 Fangetransport Yes Cure moderate  
Potion 3 Fangetransport Yes    
Gold       340
Unlimited dung abandoned hovel Yes seemingly unlimited manure ?


Chapter 1
The Liberation of Albinkirk
Storyline Quick description Quests 
The story so far The story so far The story so far
Gathering support Sir John Crayford, leader of the Protectorate has asked the party for help in order to gather support from the lords of the realm in order to facilitate a re-election in Albinkirk 1. Find Sir Gerold (complete)

2. Persuade the Muyriens

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